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Additional Cleaning Services From R-Clean Across North Tyneside

R-Clean offer all round cleaning to our clients in Whitley Bay and across North Tyneside and can provide various services that can be added onto your regular window cleaning or provided as a one off or on demand service.

Garage doors are a popular add on service which can very easily be added onto your regular cleaning cycle which is highly recommended.

The exterior of gutters along with soffits, fascias and drainage downpipes can quickly become grimy and when left can accumulate moss and algae too so a one off deep clean and then regular cleaning even once or twice per year can keep the exterior of your home or business premises looking pristine.

Buildings with cladding covering all or part of their exterior can suffer from the very same dirt, moss and algae problems as gutters, soffits and fascias etc but they can be just as easily cleaned, firstly with a one off deep clean then regular cleaning either along with your windows or once to twice per year.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

Mandy lewis-dale
I've used this company for a few years now. Always do a great job and the lads are all friendly.
Kirsty Dickson
Extremely reliable, friendly and honest family business. Highly recommend.
fantastic job guys. I've always paid extra to previous window cleaners to have my upvc frames cleaned. R-clean clean my frames and doors free of cha...
Eastbourne Gdns, W'Bay
Honest & Reliable - highly recommended


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