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Whitley Bay Patio's and drives look great when they're newly laid but the weather and polution can leave the hard surface looking dirty and sometimes more than a little worse for wear.

When looking their best patio's and wooden decking in North Tyneside can enhance any garden and driveways can give a home fantastic curb appeal but when poorly maintained, dirty and covered with moss, algae and lichen they can look very unattractive whilst also posing a risk during wet weather because they can become very slippery.

R-Clean pressure washer cleaning in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside offer professional hard surface, patio, drive and walkway cleaning to the very highest standard using high powered pressure washing equipment.


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Your North Tyneside home inside and out reflects your personality and the very best way to project the right image of yourself to visitors is through cleanliness.  First impressions count so make yours a great one with carpet cleaning in Whitley Bay by R-Clean.

Stains and general soiling of carpets is expected and is just a part of everyday life but thankfully dirty carpets are easy for a professional cleaner to fix.

With our state of the art professional cleaning equipment and only the very best specialy formulated carpet cleaning chemicals our experienced staff can remove most common stains such as tea, coffee, red wine, food, blood, vomit, urine and many more.  Cleaning will also remove nasty odours like lingering pet smells and will make your floors look the way they should and bring out the carpets pile again too giving that springy feeling back.


a-gutter-clearing-cleaner-in-whitley-bay-north-tyneside-before-2a-gutter-clearing-cleaner-in-whitley-bay-north-tyneside-afte-2One of the most important but also hugely overlooked parts of many homes across Whitley Bay and North Tyneside is the one thing that possibly needs the most attention, your gutters and downpipes.

Many things can happen when gutters aren't given the attention they require and some of these things can actually be quite dangerous.

Dirt, leaves and other kinds of debris including soil and bird droppings that are dropped or blown onto your roof are subsequently washed by rainfall down into your guttering where firstly they can stop the essential flow of rainwater away from the property which can cause your gutters to overflow.



If water overflows from your guttering it can seep into wooden fascias and even seep down into foundations, both causing damage that can be very expensive to repair.  The water can also get right into your home possibly damaging furniture and expensive electronic equipment.

What could possibly be worse than that you might ask, well if your gutters are left for long enough that dirt and debris will accumulate until the brackets holding them up simply cannot take the weight anymore resulting in them snapping or the fixing screws coming away from the wall. 

All of these things can be avoided very easily so please call R-Clean or fill in the quote request form HERE to recieve a quotation for clearing out your gutters anywhere in Whitley Bay and across the North Tyneside area including Monkseaton, West Monkseaton, Cullercoats, Tynemouth, North Shields, Wallsend and Northumberland Park.  Don't forget we can also clean the outside of your gutters along with the inside and your soffits and fascia too so why not include those with your quote request and we can make them shine again whilst we're at your property.

Commercial Business Sign Cleaning in North Tyneside

Besides the actual building itself, it's windows and facade one of the first things a prospective client or customer will see is the signage outside your property.  Let the public see who you are, what you do and let your logo stand out and be seen across North Tyneside with a professional clean whilst we are at the site because after all first impressions really are everything.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside

conservatory-roof-cleaner-in-whitley-bay-north-tyneside-before-3conservatory-roof-cleaner-in-whitley-bay-north-tyneside-after-3The one room in your home that should be enjoyed throughout the year is your conservatory, opening up the doors through summer and bringing the garden into your home can be truly amazing and sitting comfortable and warm inside it through winter but still feeling like you're outside and enjoying your garden can be an equally fantastic feeling.


There are things that can spoil this experience drastically like leaves, bird droppings, moss and algae making the uPVC frames look black or green and just not attractive to look at.  These same things can virtually cover the glass or plastic roof panels blocking out most of those all important rays of sunshine making your conservatory as dark and dingy on the inside as it is unsightly on the outside.


Don't worry it's not too late to reverse the effects the environement has had on your conservatory roof in Whitley Bay or anywhere across North Tyneside, R-Clean can bring back the sunshine and return the pride you probably once had in your Conservatory or Orangery quickly and cost effectively without once having to climb onto the roof itself possibly causing damage.

Using the same reach and wash system that we clean your windows with along with usually just pure water R-Clean can clean your conservatory or orangery roof safely from the ground in no time at all removing all of that unsightly dirt, moss and algae.  As part of the service we do recommend that the gutters around the conservatory are also cleared out during the clean which will not only help all of that dirt we're removing wash away but will help prolong the life of the conservatory.

No matter how dirty your once beautiful garden room is we can help so call us or fill in the quote request form HERE and we'll be in touch with a quotation for the cleaning of your conservatory roof in Whitley Bay and across North Tyneside including Monkseaton, West Monkseaton, Cullercoats, Tynemouth, North Shields, Wallsend and Northumberland Park as soon as we can.

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Mandy lewis-dale
I've used this company for a few years now. Always do a great job and the lads are all friendly.
Kirsty Dickson
Extremely reliable, friendly and honest family business. Highly recommend.
fantastic job guys. I've always paid extra to previous window cleaners to have my upvc frames cleaned. R-clean clean my frames and doors free of cha...
Eastbourne Gdns, W'Bay
Honest & Reliable - highly recommended


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